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Shoppers can save £800 on Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Pixi by swapping to these Aldi beauty dupes

… Aldi’s line of cosmetics and skincare products can often be … to improve skin texture.” On the £2.99 beauty buy, shopper … 2020, alongside its night cream counterpart, the budget retailer … facial moisturisers (La Mer, Clinique Dramatically Different, No7 and …

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Keeping your makeup bag and skincare shelf stocked up with all of your favourite products can prove expensive, and with the cost of living seeing people cut back on essentials, there’s been a rise in shoppers searching for cheaper alternatives to their usual big name brands.

I’m certainly no snob when it comes to beauty buys. My favourite brow gel is £2.50, and I swear by a budget £2 concealer.

As a result, I like to think I can spot a bargain in the beauty world, and the middle aisle of your local Aldi is a brilliant place to start making swaps.

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Aldi’s ever-growing Lacura range continues to draw inspiration from the likes of big name brands like Liz Earle, Bobbi Brown and Benefit, making similar products that perform ‘just as well’ for a fraction of the cost.

Some of their dupes come rather dangerously close in terms of similarity, with inspired packaging and names making it easy to spot which products might be as good as more expensive buys.

Aldi’s line of cosmetics and skincare products can often be around a fifth of the price of the luxury products, but still earn themselves hundreds of five star reviews from customers, often selling out when they relaunch online.

So if you’re looking for a cheap dupe for your favourite primer, or a cut-price mascara that gives the same results as one triple the price – here are 15 of the best bargain beauty buys you can shop at Aldi, with potential savings of more than £800.

Dupe of: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base £48.50

Saving: £42.51

Lacura Vitabase Primer
Lacura Vitabase Primer

The Lacura Vitabase Primer has been hailed ‘as good as Bobbi Brown’ and is perfect for prepping your face for makeup. The packaging looks pretty similar to the high end product, so it’s easy to see why shoppers might compare the two.

Aldi said: “Get your skin looking picture perfect with this Lacura Vitabase Primer. Whether you’re using this alone or under make-up, your selfies will never be the same again. Contains vitamin c and e, shea butter, geranium and grapefruit extract for a nourishing and delicate foundation treatment.”

Shoppers have already been giving it five star ratings, with Niks commenting: “As good as Bobbi Brown. I love the feel of the product on my skin. I think it helps the way my makeup looks after I’ve finished. I will be buying a few when it comes back in store.”

Dupe of: Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner £56

Saving: £49.02

Aldi's Bonded range is a dupe of Olaplex
Aldi’s Bonded range is a dupe of Olaplex

Bleach blondes are always on the lookout for Olaplex alternatives, and could possibly have found one in the middle aisle of Aldi. Launched on July 28 Aldi’s new Bonded range includes a shampoo, conditioner and pre-wash treatment, and the shampoo and conditioner duo are available as a set for nearly £50 cheaper than the brand.

Reviews are yet to roll in for this new beauty buy, but Aldi said it’s ‘designed for all hair types’ to strengthen, repair and hydrate damaged hair. Sounds good to us.

Dupe of: NARS Orfgasm £27.50

Saving: £22.51

Is the Aldi Lacura blush a dupe for NARS?
Is the Aldi Lacura blush a dupe for NARS?

This Aldi blusher went viral on TikTok after beauty buffs claimed it was a dupe of the much more expensive brand NARS. Aldi’s Lacura blusher comes in two shades, Candy , which is a dupe for NARS’ Orgasm X, and Coral, which is most similar to the NARS Behave blush.

The blush has been praised by Aldi shoppers, including Amanda who said: “This is definitely a dupe of NARS blushers! Actually think I prefer Aldis. Looks gorgeous in skin, very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Great staying power too.”

JerricaB added: “Bought in store. I have the NARS equivalent and actually prefer this as it’s more pigmented.”

We previously reviewed the Aldi blusher that’s five times cheaper than NARS earlier this year – find out what we thought here.

Dupe of: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder £34

Saving: £29.01

Lacura Translucent Setting Powder
Lacura Translucent Setting Powder

The telltale sign of a dupe is in the packaging, and Aldi’s Lacura Translucent Setting Powder is a dead ringer for Laura Mercier’s , which is nearly £30 more expensive.

Aldi described it as: “A lightweight powder that blends effortlessly for a natural, flawless look. Set your make-up for the day and you’ll look stunning right up until the evening. Create a look that lasts with the addition of this Lacura Translucent Setting Powder to your make-up collection.”

Dupe of: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer £23

Saving: £19.01

Lacura Take Cover Concealer
Lacura Take Cover Concealer

Tarte Cosmetics are only available to buy via QVC for £23 plus nearly £2 for delivery, Aldi’s option is less than a fiver and offers similar results. The Lacura Take Cover Concealer appears to have taken inspiration when it comes to packaging, with Aldi promising to ‘cover up blemishes and under eye dark circles’.

As a new launch, it’s not racked up any reviews just yet, but it’s safe to say we’ll be rushing to get our hands on it to see if it is as good as Tarte.

Aldi added: “A handy and stylish makeup must have to keep in your bag at all times, this will help you freshen up in mere moments and cover up any unwanted discolouration.”

Dupe of: Benefit They’re Real £23.50

Saving: £17.51

Lacura Too Legit Mascara
Lacura Too Legit Mascara

Specialbuys shoppers are convinced that the Too Legit mascara is a copy of cult-loved They’re Real, by Benefit . SJ23 said: “Good mascara and very like the Benefit one They’re Real.” While another said: “Excellent product one coat is enough. Stays on for days. Brush design is good to cover corner lashes, nice looking product . As good as Benefit.”

The lengthening mascara is said to be long lasting and a makeup kit essential to finish off your look.

Customer Nicci commented: “This is a fab dupe of Benefits mascara! Especially for the price, the only thing is it’s a little hard to get off – but I’m unsure if it’s waterproof, but love it regardless!”

When mascaras tend to have only a three month shelf life, this beauty swap could save you more than £70 a year.

Dupe of: Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask £36.90

Saving: £30.91

Lacura Pink Clay Mask

Another money-saving dupe comes in the form of the Lacura Pink Clay Mask, which can save shoppers over £30 in comparison to the similar Sand & Sky mask. Like the Sand & Sky product , the Lacura version contains kakadu plum, and it promises to refine pores “for a clear, bright complexion”.

Customers have raved about the mask, which works in just 10 minutes, comparing it to the more expensive Aussie brand.

MJ26 siad: “Sand & Sky dupe at a fraction of the cost! I was looking for a dupe of Sand & Sky’s pink clay mask because it’s expensive, and this did not disappoint! It’s a little thinner in consistency, which I prefer as it’s easier to spread and the S&S one often dried out in the tub. Tightens the same, feels the same, wipes off just as easily, and skin feels lovely after.”

Dupe of: Pixi Rose Oil Blend £26

Saving: £22.01

Aldi Lacura Rose Facial Oil
Aldi Lacura Rose Facial Oil

Beauty buffs can upgrade their beauty routine with this Lacura Rose Facial Oil, which is reportedly a dupe for a £26 bottle by Pixi.

Lacura’s cheaper version has more than 500 reviews from fans, saying it feels the same as high end products.One said: “It is far better value and apart from the scent which I prefer to the other brand seems identical.”

Aldi said: “ It’s the perfect way to moisturise sensitive skin and bring some additional luxury to your process. This delicate oil will leave you smelling and feeling incredible.”

Dupe of: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser £28.50

Saving: £25.51

The packaging for the Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser is certainly inspired by the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
The packaging for the Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser is certainly inspired by the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Looking at the packaging, it’s easy to see why shoppers quickly spotted similarities between these two skincare saviours. The colour used is of a similar shade of blue, and both cleansers come with a muslin cloth to remove makeup – the only difference is that Liz Earle’s features green edging on the cloth.

Lacura’s product has earned itself more than 600 five star reviews on the Aldi website, hailed for its ‘amazing price’ and its similarity to the British beauty icon.

Margaret martin said: “Just as good as Liz Earle which I have been using for years on my very sensitive skin at a fraction of the cost.”

Chesh added: “Great product at an amazing price. I use Liz Earle but hadn’t been happy with my most recent purchase. Tried this. Really lovely.” And Uzi T said: “Better than Liz Earle!! Been using this for over 2 weeks now, smells great and leave my skin so clean and soft.”

Aldi said: “Great for all skin types this amazing Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser is sure to give you naturally healthy looking skin. Add this dermatologically tested cleanser into your beauty regime and you’ll be amazed at how great your skin starts to feel and look.”

You can read what we thought of the Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser here.

Dupe of: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer .£29.50

Saving: £23.51

Smashbox's primer is usually £29.50, but Aldi's is just £5.99
Smashbox’s primer is usually £29.50, but Aldi’s is just £5.99

Following the news that Smashbox cosmetics will no longer be available in the UK from September, fans have been scrambling to find an alternative that performs just as well. Enter Aldi.

Priced at £5.99, the Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer is clearly named after the £29.50 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and is a pretty good dupe for those who are going to deeply miss the luxury primer.

Both primers are silica based primers with a clear gel-like texture – we compared the two in a beauty test previously, which you can find here. Aldi said: “Get your skin looking picture perfect with this Lacura Snapshot Ready Glow Primer. Whether you’re using this alone or under make-up, your selfies will never be the same again.”

Shoppers have commented on its similarity to Smashbox, too, with Cavs writing: “I usually use Smashbox and decided to give this a go as it is a great price. To be honest I did not expect to like it, however it’s great and I will be using it from now on, it even looks like the tube from Smashbox. I could not find it in the store so ordered it online even though it cost me delivery. It was still worth it as it was a lot cheaper.”

“Just as good as Smashbox but at a fraction of the cost,” said another. While a third said: “Identical to Smashbox! Superb primer – after using the Smashbox one for years switched to this one and saved a fortune and really could not tell a difference between them. Helps make up to glide on easier and tames my oily skin. Well worth a try – you won’t regret it!”

Dupe of: Pixi Glow Tonic £18

Saving: £15.01

Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner
Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner

The Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner is cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee, and is a gentle chemical exfoliant similar to a nearly £20 product.

Once again, the budget German retailer has taken inspiration from beauty brand Pixi , mimicking their popular Glow Tonic, which comes in at £18.

Aldi said: “Take care of your skin and create that extra glow with this Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner, that removes impurities and brightens your face and neck using glycolic acid to soften and smooth your skin. Suitable for all skin types, this toner gently exfoliates and removes impurities, whilst the glycolic acid helps to improve skin texture.”

On the £2.99 beauty buy, shopper Sharona said: “As it happens I’m loving this and my skin is too! It’s basically a dupe for Pixi Glow tonic so why pay almost £20 when this has exactly the same amount of Glycolic acid in it. Lovely smell too.”

Dupe of: Benefit Cookie Powder Highlight £28.50

Saving: £23.51

Lacura Highlighter
Lacura Highlighter

How often do you see highlighters packaged in a box like this? I think it’s safe to say that Aldi’s design team had a peek at Benefit’s Cookie Powder Highlighter when creating their own Lacura product for a snip of the price.

Aldi said: “Add to your makeup collection with this Lacura Highlighter. Achieve your chosen look with this delicate and sweet highlighter. Define, pop and contour your way to looking your absolute best.”

Meanwhile shoppers have been impressed, saying the glowy product has seen them receive ‘so many compliments’.

Skylar1 wrote: “Very good product,just as good as Benefit, only a fraction of the cost.”

Maija added: “Obsessed with this highlighter. Have had so many compliments since I started using it. It lasts really well and definitely makes your face glow! It’s just as good as the benefit one just without the price tag!”

The Aldi bronzer is also a good dupe for Benefit’s Hoola, although it’s not available on the Aldi website at the moment. You can read what we thought of it here.

Dupe of: Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette £46

Saving: £40.01

Naturals Nectar Eyeshadow Palette
Naturals Nectar Eyeshadow Palette

Shoppers have been saying this Aldi eyeshadow palette is ‘better’ than Urban Decay. The 12-colour palette, called Nectar’ shares similar shades to the Urban Decay Honey palette – and performs well too.

Saraj wrote: “Better than the Urban Decay palette I have. Will definitely buy more,” while A1J1 said it’s “Just Like Urban Decay. Great quality. Goes on so well and stays on all day.”

This particular palette is one of many Aldi shadow palette dupes – including this one which is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette – and features warm toned shades that ‘will bring out the best in your eyes’.

Aldi added: “Perfect for daytime and evening looks whether it’s a classic smoky eye, glamorous golden cut-crease or day to day neutral glam.”

Dupe of: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £27

Saving: £23.01

Lacura Makeup Setting Spray
Lacura Makeup Setting Spray

Now the weather is getting warmer, beauty lovers are in search of a setting spray that will keep their makeup in place all day long, and Aldi’s offering could rival Urban Decay’s popular All Nighter spritz.

The product description reads: “For that flawless make-up look that lasts, the Lacura Makeup Setting Spray is the perfect addition to your makeup routine. Simply spritz over your finished look for the day, allow it to dry and be sure that your makeup will last all day.”

Shoppers have been quick to snap up the budget beauty product, with Sian O writing: “I bought this hoping it would be a dupe for the lovely Urban Decay setting spray and I don’t think it will disappoint! I’ve heard amazing reviews from friends and can’t wait to try it!”

Dupe of: La Prairie Skin Caviar £438

Saving: £431.01

The Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream
The Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream is £6.99

The Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream – said to be a dupe of a £438 La Prairie product – was first brought out in 2015. In 2020, alongside its night cream counterpart, the budget retailer sold 36,000 litres of caviar creams. The Lacura budget beauty buy comes in at £6.99, which may be considered pricy for Aldi, but certainly cheaper than other anti-aging products on the market.

The sought-after moisturiser has racked up a whopping 531 five star reviews on the Aldi website, with shoppers saying it’s better than Elemis, Liz Earle and La Prairie.

One said: “Fantastic product, I have used Elemis pro collagen marine cream since it came onto the market and nothing was as good until I started using this.”

“I have recommended this to all my friends. Amazing cream. On par with La Prairie,” added a second.

A third, more extensive review read: “I have always used quite extensive facial moisturisers (La Mer, Clinique Dramatically Different, No7 and Liz Earle). My friend recommended I try the Caviar range by Lacura as it is a dupe for La Prairie which retails at £200+.

“I must admit I was sceptical because of the low price tag, However I’ve been using this for three weeks and I can honestly say it is absolutely FANTASTIC. I can honestly say I’m converted to the Lacura range as I purchased other stuff which is fantastic.”

We tried it out for ourselves, and this is what I thought of the bargain moisturiser.


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