ADVERTORIAL: Everything you need to know before jetting off to Turkey for a hair transplant

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Travelling to Turkey is becoming a popular way for Brits to undergo cosmetic procedures.

One common procedure for men is a hair transplant to improve the appearance of their hairline when hair loss has occurred.

EsteMedical Group has invested in the Sapphire Hair Transplant technique. Being an effective and minimally invasive surgical procedure, this method utilises the use of a medical device to provide improved FUE results.

If you are considering a hair transplant then there are some things to think about before going ahead with the procedure:

Do your research – Make sure you are comfortable and confident in your choices of surgeons and clinics. Before you book your surgery, you should always speak to your GP to get the all-clear and have a consultation call with your prospective surgeon to fully discuss your hair transplant.

Book consultations – Book some consultations before deciding whether you want the procedure and where to get it done. Here you should ask about potential side effects and risks, as well as discuss your aims for your hair transplant. Your surgeon will also discuss things such as your hair transplant cost and what technique will be used for your surgery.

Take your time – Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly and you should give it serious thought and consideration. Be mindful and aware of the risks involved and the level of aftercare you will receive and how long the recovery process will take.

If you’re considering treatment with Este Medical Group, here’s what to expect:

Consultation and pre-treatment at the local clinic

Your hair transplant journey to Turkey starts with a consultation at the nearest Este Medical Group clinic or online with an Este hair loss specialist. The first thing to do is send a message to the website and book an FUE consultation.

As part of the consultation, an Este hair loss expert will assess your hair loss type, discuss potential hair loss causes, and recommend the most optimal regrowth treatment and the timeline for you. This initial consultation will determine if an FUE hair transplant Turkey treatment is the right option for your type of hair loss.

Once an FUE treatment has been booked at the hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you will need to undergo some treatment preparation: laser hair regrowth therapy is recommended to stimulate and prepare your scalp for the transplant procedure. Once your transplant is booked you will be fully briefed on what to expect during and after an FUE regrowth treatment.

An Este Medical Group clinic
An Este Medical Group clinic

What does the procedure involve?

The special process is used to grab follicles to relocate to an area of hair loss. The sapphire FUE hair transplant uses a V-shaped sapphire; blade as opposed to the original U-shaped blade, allowing the opening of V-shaped canals across the scalp resulting in smaller incisions and leaving less tissue damage to the skin.

The channels of the hair follicles can be set finer with this method, with generally less bleeding and less scabbing occurring. After collecting and properly storing the grafts, the surgeon then prepares the transplant area intending to artistically place the grafts in ways that will look and feel natural. One advantage to utilising the FUE method is that it can leave minimal scarring and typically causes patients to not be left with noticeable linear scars.

A patient's before and after - results may vary
A patient’s before and after – results may vary


Istanbul is recognized worldwide as a destination for hair transplants. The Este Medical Group clinic in Turkey has a good reputation for providing superior service and a proven track record of successful hair transplants and regrowth with clients.

Este’s Istanbul clinic recently went up against 3,000 other transplant clinics in the Best of Year Awards and won first place. An Este FUE transplant in Turkey is performed under local anaesthetic and can be completed in a day; no sutures or staples, and can result in no linear scarring.

Aftercare in the UK includes:

  • Days 1-4 healing period- wash by experts
  • Days 5-15 – recovery and rest, monitoring the healing process
  • 30 days onwards – laser hair regrowth treatment twice a week to make most of the hair transplant
  • 3-6 month – check-up appointments and review progress

In ten months, most of the results are achieved. Results may vary from patient to patient depending on age, health and the type of hair transplant technique used.

After the hair transplant, you may be able to go about your daily business as usual. Since you are in Istanbul, it’s highly recommended you take some time for sightseeing and enjoy the delicious Turkish cuisine. In Istanbul it is not unusual to see men walking around with headbands after a hair transplant; it’s considered quite normal in Turkey.

Once you leave Turkey you will be booked for some hair transplant aftercare at the nearest Este clinic. Depending on the extent of your hair transplant and recovery, you may be booked for specialist hair washing, hair growth maintenance, and laser hair regrowth therapy.

Individual aftercare plans may vary from client to client. All Este Medical Group hair transplant clients will receive check-ups and follow-up attention.

An Este haircare expert will customise for you a detailed aftercare plan to best care for the scalp and new hair growth. This includes a step-by-step first hair wash (on the third day) and a final post-treatment hair wash guide. Este’s transplant aftercare facilitates the regrowth of stronger hair and a healthier scalp.

Like any cosmetic surgery, hair transplants are an invasive procedure, are not risk-free or a solution to personal problems, and are not to be performed on anyone under 18 years old. Always seek independent medical advice and give the procedure careful consideration before going ahead.

To find out more head to the website.

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