Hair Transplant Turkey

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The subject of hair transplant Turkey is very curious, especially for those living in European countries. Because hair transplant in Turkey has become very popular in recent years. The reason for this is the quality of hair transplant centers in Turkey, the fact that there are experienced surgeons and the prices are very affordable compared to many European countries. So, how do hair transplant processes work in Turkey? Is hair transplant successful in Turkey? Read on for answers to these questions and more.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is an operation performed to treat hair loss. Various techniques are available for this operation. But no matter what technique is done, this procedure involves removing the hair skin from a part of the scalp and grafting these pieces of skin into the bald or thinned areas of the scalp or trauma areas.

Hair loss can be caused by male pattern baldness, inflammation of the scalp, or injury to the scalp. Injuries from scalding or car accidents can also cause hair loss. These can leave areas of permanent hair loss that can be hidden by hair transplantation.

Advantages of Hair Transplant in Turkey

1-The life-long hair loss solution: Both men and women can suffer from hair loss and baldness. Finding a natural remedy is extremely difficult. However, technological and medical progress in Turkey has proven that hair transplantation is permanent. The Turkish procedure allows you to regrow hair for a long period, as does the natural scalp, and this happens very close to the appearance of your hair.

2- The look you want: Another important advantage of having a hair transplant is that your appearance varies greatly. After the transplant is complete, the appearance, style, and sense of confidence improve. With it, you’ll get an overall change to a completely new upgraded personality. You will have a youthful appearance for a long time.

3- The straightforward process: The hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, Turkey is not like other complex aesthetic procedure applications. This operation is one of the simplest in the world. It is safe to apply in Turkey. Transplants are performed in Turkey with local anesthesia. This means that you will feel little pain when planting. The procedure does not cause any major complications. Clinics in Turkey use different techniques such as FUE and DHI that are trouble-free and have high efficiency. These techniques make the process simple and understandable.

Why Should You Get a Hair Transplant  Turkey?

Hair transplant centers and hospitals in Turkey are safe institutions approved by the Ministry of Health. However, the working health teams consist of experts in the field. In addition, transactions are carried out within certain packages. When you come to Turkey, you can easily meet your every need. In the clinic where you will have your procedure, the employees will be with you whenever you need it. You won’t have any problems in the process. But for this, you need to go to a quality center. You have the opportunity to have hair transplantation in quality centers. Of course, if you do good research and go to the right center…

The Benefits of Hair Transplant Istanbul

Turkey is a country of rich culture and heritage. It has also achieved the highest degree in medical, scientific, and technological developments worldwide. Given the demand for tourism and medical specialties, the Turkish state is focusing on medical education and practice. It prioritizes these practices, ultimately leading to the emergence of a large number of high-profile Turkish universities with an international identity.

These aspects have led to higher levels of advances in cosmetic surgery and medicine. Turkish practitioners and procedures are at the peak of their prosperity. Doctors and surgeons in medical practice have the skills and professionalism required. However, Turkey’s most experienced surgeons are in Istanbul. This makes Istanbul more popular in the field of hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Cost

The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is quite affordable compared to other European countries. Due to the changes in the exchange rate, those living in Europe can find the opportunity to get quality services very cheaply in Turkey. The same is true for hair transplantation procedures. The idea of getting health care abroad may initially seem like an unsafe and dangerous process. However, Turkey is one of the most developed countries in the field of health. It is especially popular in hair transplantation. To date, many successful results have been obtained in hair transplantation operations in clinics in Turkey. This is reassuring for those living in other countries.

Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary depending on many reasons. These usually determine the prices of the facilities the health center has, the techniques used, the number of grafts, and the experience of your doctor.

You need to contact the clinics to find out how much hair transplant cost Turkey which clinic.

Advantages of Hair Transplant at AEK Hair Clinic

  • The only Turkish plastic surgeon witan an ABHRS certificate has the opportunity to operate in the clinic where he serves,
  • A professionally trained hair transplantation team,
  • Opportunity to meet the surgeon who has received ISHRS (FISHRS) title and to have hair transplantation,
  • To obtain definite and permanent results,
  • The maximum number of grafts transplanted with the most advanced techniques in AEK Hair Clinic,
  • To get the highest quality service at affordable prices,
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel and city tour,
  • Hair transplantation center special only for hair loss treatments,
  • Trouble-free treatment and care in all processes,
  • Obtaining all drugs, such as medical shampoo, and lotion.

This content is brought to you by AEK Hair Clinic.


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