Enhancing beauty the Malawian way

… maintain and enhance their beauty, no wonder the cosmetic industry is thriving … .
However, since most of the beauty products … and launched her beauty products company OC Cosmetics which concentrates on beauty products such …

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Being a woman comes with its own demands and pressures. One of them is to look beautiful and to stand out. No matter how naturally beautiful a woman is, they still need to maintain and enhance their beauty, no wonder the cosmetic industry is thriving.

However, since most of the beauty products, come from the West, their colours and tones best suit Caucasian women. It is for this reason that Malawian United States-based Omega Nankhuni created beauty products that are tailor-made for women of colour.

Customers scrambling for a piece of the Nge lipstick during the event

In 2013, she started and launched her beauty products company OC Cosmetics which concentrates on beauty products such as foundations, powders, lipsticks and others.

Since then, OC Cosmetics has continued to research on the market needs and responds accordingly.

In an interview, Nankhuni admitted that she was inspired by a song musician Patience Namadingo released this year titled Nge which celebrates the beauty of African women. In the song, the artist appreciates just how beautiful women of colour are.

“When I heard the song, I immediately felt like there was something that I could do to celebrate it. I looked at my beauty products and realised I can add a special lipstick line of Nge lipstick just to celebrate women,” she said in an interview.

Speaking when she launched the new lipstick line at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday evening, Nankhuni said the new lipstick line is meant to enhance the looks of already beautiful women.

“Apart from the lipsticks being tailor-made for women of different tastes, Nge lipsticks are matte, meaning they stay for at least 10 hours. The line is also moisturised and smells so good so that our women can comfortably wear them without any problems,” she said.

During the launch, Blantyre women came out in large numbers to welcome the new lipstick line.

The event, held by the pool side, was a breath of fresh air as women sampled the new lipstick line as demonstrated by various make-up artists and their models in spectacular fashion.

One by one, the make-up artists brought on stage their models and demonstrated how the lipstick works.

In her address, Nankhuni said she was delighted to see beautiful women in Blantyre embracing her new product.

“Nge Lipstick line celebrates beautiful women. It is such a befitting gesture, therefore, to have so many beautiful women in one place for the launch,” she said.

She explained that the original Nge Lipstick was only in purple, but they have now added more colours due to public demand.

“There was a lot of demand for shades of red and pink. As a listening company, we have done just that,” said Nankhuni.

During his performance at the event, Namadingo appreciated the natural beauty of Malawian women which he said needs to be enhanced using cosmetics such as the Nge Lipstick.

He went on to perform some of his popular hits such as Mapulani, Maury and Nge much to the delight of patrons. His performance was punctuated by jokes and interactions which included photo opportunities with his fans.

Random interviews with patrons indicated they were satisfied with the lipstick line. Many patrons bought the lipsticks according to the colours of their choice.

One of the patrons Rejoice Manda said she bought the lipstick after appreciating how it looked on one of the models.

“I am all about looking beautiful and I have used OC Cosmetics for some time. I am sure, just like its other products, this lipstick line will help enhance my looks,” she said.n

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