Big Full Lashes Review (Zoey Carlson) Is Luxe Beauty Labs Big Full Lash Legit?

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Have you struggled to get that signature after-makeup look but always feel like something is off? Despite using various other faux eyelashes daily, they are not real and do not last long. Additionally, they have several side effects and require careful trimming and adjustment to your eyes.

However, you can get thicker-looking lashes without using fake products or risking your eyes.

Therefore, this article will reveal the secrets behind Big full lashes serum. Moreover, you will find out how the serum works and how often you should use it. So, say goodbye to your miniscule, non-existent lashes because you will love the new outcome.

Big Full Lashes – An Overview

Whether it’s a professional or casual event, many of us spend hours getting ready, applying foundation, mascara and various other cosmetics to give it a defined look. But in the end, something still looks a bit off, and it is often the eyes that give us trouble. Consequently, this guide will tell you how to obtain the ultimate cat-eyes look.

Big Full Lashes, founded by Zoey Carlson, possess the key to rejuvenation. Like several other makeup artists, she was sensitive to her eye makeup and always wanted to create the perfect stunning cat-eye look. After several years of frustration, Zoey decided the only way to get thick lashes was to do it naturally.

Thus, she came up with the product Big Full Lashes with the help of her team at the Luxe Beauty Labs. After months of formulating, lab testing, and finally perfecting it, thousands of women now use the product. Moreover, it contains all the natural ingredients required to grow your lashes and thus get beautiful darker eyes.

The Secret to Getting Darker Lashes

According to the founder of Big Full Lashes, creating this all-natural serum was not easy, and she wanted her customers to get value for what they paid for. So, what would make the product unique and stand out from others?

Firstly, this lash serum enhances your natural beauty without causing any harmful or painful chemical side effects. It consists of a potent peptide called Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 that prevents hair from getting damaged and strengthens hair follicles.

Secondly, the Big Full Lashes serum contains Bhringraj Oil, a traditional Indian medicine. Bhringraj Oil contains essential hair growth properties that heal and nourish your roots. Therefore, this, too, helps prevent your lashes from falling or breaking.

However, its secrets do not end here. The serum also contains amino acids like Arginine that increase blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, within a few weeks of applying the serum, it begins to reach your eyelids and grow healthier eyelashes.

Thirdly, the serum also prevents eyelash hair from breaking and instead makes them stronger and thicker. Horsetail, which is yet another essential ingredient, helps in doing this. It also has Ginseng and Stinging Nettle as a part of its magical formula to create a balance with nutrients and promote longer-looking lashes.

Therefore, when added with the right consistency and quality, all these together create the perfect blend of the Big Full Lashes serum. Additionally, the serum has been scientifically tested and is proven to be free from any artificial hair growth chemicals that may cause harmful side effects. As such, use this natural, healthy hair growth serum instead of mascara.

How Does Big Full Lashes Serum Work?

The Big Full Lashes serum is an advanced eyelash conditioner to support the natural growth of your lashes. This serum uses natural and herbal extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba, Seaweed, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, etc., to help nourish your eyelash hair follicles.

Moreover, it also includes a high concentration of stimulating chemicals like Trifolium Pratense Flower and Saw Palmetto extract that aid eyelash follicles to grow thicker and darker over time. Before being added to the serum, each of these materials and extracts underwent careful testing to determine their effects.

Furthermore, in order to promote healthy hair growth, Big Full Lashes energizes your lashes daily to extend their lifespan. Thus, improving their appearance and preventing them from thinning out.

Infused with folic acid and biotin, it helps transform light-looking eyelashes into healthier ones. Below we will reveal the secrets that make Big Full Lashes work, unlike other beauty treatments.


How Long Will It Take to See The Results?

The majority of people are curious about how long it takes to get the results they want. Since the serum contains green tea extract that promotes hair growth, you will surely see results in less than two weeks.

However, this may only be so for some individuals because everyone has different factors that may come into play and cause a delay. Therefore, do not rush or overdo it. Just be patient and give the serum enough time to do its work. When you look in the mirror the next time, you’ll be surprised to see a much darker, better-looking, and healthier set of eyelashes.

Where Can You Buy This Natural Lash Serum?

Since you are now well-familiar with what Big Full Lashes does and how it works, you may be wondering where you can buy it from. Fortunately, making a purchase on the official website will give you a 30% discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, without further delay, simply click here to place your order today.

Wrapping It Up

No matter how much mascara or eyeliner we apply, at the end of the day, we all have issues with our lashes. This frustration then results in us purchasing fake lashes and spending time trimming them to fit our eyes.

However, with Big Full Lashes, you can cease using all of these beauty products because this serum will give you dark and thick lashes naturally. You can learn everything you need to know before making a purchase from this article. Therefore, get ready to receive compliments on your eyes and confidently embrace your new natural look.


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