Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care Oil Reviews – Real Results for Customers?

… of the most popular natural skincare treatments for treating fungal and … a cooling agent in many skin care creams and lotions and is … a valuable addition to the cosmetic industry, giving relief to many …

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Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care is a formula specially created for treating toenail fungus infections. It consists of natural active ingredients that help fight the fungus from its place of origin, giving you permanent relief.

Therefore, using Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care daily will treat toenail fungus and stop its growth. Moreover, the serum is absorbed quickly into the skin at the site of the fungal infection.

This article is a complete guide to Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care and includes details about ingredients, benefits, and more.

Who Is the Founder of Human Science’s Anti-Fungal Foot Care?

Human Science is a brand of Naguna Labs that creates supplements using scientifically proven, effective, and extensively researched ingredients.

Steve Avila developed the Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula at Human Science, aiming to treat toenail fungal infections and provide easy fungal foot care to thousands worldwide.

He partnered with Dr. Kasey Nichols, a licensed naturopathic physician who graduated from Cleveland University.

The two combined their studies, clinical trials, and research to create the Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula. Their Anti-Fungal Foot Care is a popular anti-fungal oil containing natural components such as sunflower, tea tree, clove, tea tree, and other essential oils

How Does It Treat Fungal Infections?

More than one billion people worldwide suffer from fungal infections and diseases annually. Therefore, toenail fungus is a significant health issue that needs proper care and treatment. Usually, doctors give prescription oral supplements or creams to treat the foot fungus, but these are temporary solutions.

Anti-Fungal Foot Care by Human Science targets the root cause of toenail fungus, so applying the liquid formula at the infection site kills the fungus and bacteria. Human Science uses organic ingredients that make the product effective and efficient.

Therefore, the Anti-Fungal Foot Care serum by Human Science is the perfect solution for treating foot fungus and getting healthy feet.


  • Killing fungus
  • Stopping toenail fungus growth
  • Removes fungus and bacteria from the infection site
  • Treats severe pain
  • Reduces foul smell of fungus infection
  • Destroys fungal biofilms
  • Treats fungal infection


  • Not suitable for people with existing medical conditions
  • Pregnant and lactating women cannot use it

Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care Ingredients

Plenty of supplements claim to treat fungal infections, but only a few are backed by research and clinical studies.

Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care is created using ingredients that are used in natural skincare treatments. These components effectively fight against toenail fungus and restore fungus-free, healthy feet.

Let’s look at the ingredients in the Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is a natural ingredient often used as an antiseptic, and scientific research shows it is effective in killing fungi. Moreover, studies show that clove essential oil inhibits fungal growth and effectively treats fungal infections.

It is one of the inactive components in this Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula that soothes the skin and prevents the future growth of toenail fungus.

Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid that is found in human sweat and is also found in castor oil with a terminal double bond. It quickly eliminates the toe fungus, healing the toenail and restoring healthy feet. For example, it destroys Candida albicans, which is one of the types of toenail fungus.

So, this supplement has a 25% concentration of undecylenic acid, which helps stop biofilm formation.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is one of the most popular natural skincare treatments for treating fungal and bacterial infections. The oil can stop fungal growth, thereby treating fungal foot infections. Furthermore, soaps and lotions use tea tree oil because of its antibacterial properties. By applying tea tree oil on your skin daily, you can prevent future fungus growth as well as improve overall health. It is also suitable for treating acne, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, lice, and dandruff.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) works with undecylenic acid to kill fungus infections. The combined action of these two works as a delivery system where DMSO transports undecylenic acid to attack the fungus.


Menthol is a very popular anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory natural ingredient. It is also a cooling agent in many skin care creams and lotions and is famous for providing pain relief and soothing skin irritation. Toenail fungal infections are also treatable with menthol since it works with other active ingredients to fight the infection.


Thyme essential oil contains bioactive compounds that inhibit fungus growth. Therefore, it is an active ingredient in Human Science and Anti-Fungal Foot Care. A 2007 study shows that thyme essential oil has natural components like thymol that fight mold in damp places. The study also suggests that thyme contains natural anti-fungal properties.

Sunflower Oil

It binds all the natural ingredients in Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care and possesses anti-fungal properties for fighting fungal infections. Sunflower oil stops toenail fungal growth and prevents future breakouts as well.


Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care vs. Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicines for treating fungus infection include oral supplements. However, Human Science claims this method is ineffective since it does not entirely kill the fungus.

Most ingredients are broken down when the supplement passes through the stomach and digestive tract before reaching the target area. Therefore, fungus spores are left behind, which can cause a breakout again, and the infection returns stronger and more resistant.

Moreover, prescription medicines risk leaving unwanted side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, rashes, and other problems. Therefore, Human Science recommends using Anti-Fungal Foot Care to treat toenail fungus, which is risk-free.

Furthermore, many customers post reviews on the official website, saying Anti-Fungal Foot Care is easier to use than prescription medication. They also find it to be more effective in treating toenail fungus.


What Types of Toe Fungus Does It Target?

Human Science Anti-Fungal Foot Care targets fungus strains resistant to traditional medicine, such as candida strains.

Candida Auris is one of the strains that have serious health implications. Moreover, it is resistant to anti-fungal drugs and medications that are usually effective against candida fungus strains.

Human Science explains the dangers of such stubborn fungal infections and claims their Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula is effective. Therefore, you can get rid of the disease by applying this liquid formula to your infection daily.

Is There a Refund Policy for Human Science Anti-fungal Foot Care Formula?

Human Science has a 60-day money-back guarantee policy for Anti-Fungal Foot Care formulas if you are unhappy that the results of the formula didn’t give visible results. The liquid formula is available online, and you can purchase it from the official website of Human Science. A single bottle pack lasts for around one month.


Human science Anti-Fungal Foot Care offers a permanent solution to treating foot fungal infection and disease. It targets the root cause and kills fungus and bacteria while inhibiting growth, so you don’t get an infection again later.

Applying the Anti-Fungal Foot Care formula daily yields results in two to four weeks, treating fungal infections without the use of prescription medicines. Also, it treats the infected surface, killing various foot fungi like candida strains and tinea pedis. Furthermore, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides fungal foot care for various diseases like athlete’s foot.

Human science Anti-Fungal Foot Care treats visible toenail infections. Therefore, it is a valuable addition to the cosmetic industry, giving relief to many people around the globe. You can buy the formula from the official website at a reasonable price.



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