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New Delhi, Dec 26 (IANSlife) Growth in the beauty industry is set to accelerate ten folds, driven by consumer desires to look gorgeous at all times. Clean and natural beauty brands are participating in promoting a healthy lifestyle which will benefit all in the long run. Forget anti-aging, think health aging. There are many ways in which we can look glam, not necessary to spend a bomb to look gorgeous and luxe. Sometimes when we want to splurge on things to make us look good, our wallet refuses to cooperate.

* Digital marketing and social media are revolutionising the way consumers engage with brands and shop for beauty products, beauty brands must embrace that. Thus, a growing number of beauty brands and retailers are utilising data and technology, including algorithms, apps, scanners, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR), to offer customers an unprecedented level of product personalisation based on their skin types and individual needs. In order to better match their personal ideals, younger wealthy generations go one step further and favour cosmetic businesses that are environmentally and socially conscious. The price point isn’t a consideration.

* The recent obsession with wellness and a healthy lifestyle is forcing consumers to go with vegan and cruelty-free brands. We should start the routine with a moisturiser with SPF that will protect the skin keeping it soft and supple all day. Cover up with a foundation that works as a concealer and foundation. We have one such amazing brand called ‘Forest Trove’, which has products that are vegan, cruelty and paraben-free made with natural fruit extracts to go in all seasons. They have a lip and cheek tint balm which is great for a day look and gorgeous liquid dew serums that can go well for an evening look. Using eyeliner with thin lines or bold flicks can complete the makeup, making you look drop-dead gorgeous. We need to find our style and make head turns, which could be with an amazing nail paint that suits our skin tone or a foundation that gives our skin the needed glow.

* Wearing a perfume that instantly reminds people of you. Most women have a couple of perfumes they like to wear most time. We should stick with those signature perfumes.

* Most people carry pastel and neutral shades very well. These shades fit all tastes and styles and make the outfits look classy. Choose clothing that can be accessorised with a variety of items, and you’ll have a diverse wardrobe.

* Add colour and style to your look with accessories. Stock up on a few brightly coloured scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches to add a bold accent to any outfit.

Is looking good every day really that important? When I feel gorgeous, I also have more confidence in my relationships. Keeping up our appearance daily gives us access to options and possibilities. People who look good are more successful, according to research. Maybe it’s the added confidence you have from looking well. Or perhaps those who have worked hard on their appearance are simply more appealing to others. When we don’t make an effort with our appearance, we could experience real effects. When we are around other people, we might not act as confidently. Worst of all, we can pass up opportunities that we otherwise would have seized if we felt confident in our appearance. We don’t need beauty marketers to teach us how to look nice every day, nor do we need to spend a fortune, sacrifice hours of our days and weeks, or endure painful treatments in order to appear good. We can achieve flawless natural beauty by taking quick, low-cost measures. These actions will improve our appearance and our feelings.

(Karishma M. Sanghi is the founder of ‘Forest Trove’, a natural botanical and fruit-based beauty brand)

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