Jane Park tells Dr Phil she almost died after botched cosmetic surgery

… almost died after a botched cosmetic surgery during an appearance on … then asked: “Was this cosmetic surgery?” Jane added: … done that'?” Standing firm, Jane replied: “No, I …

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Scots Lotto winner Jane Park has recalled the terrifying moment she almost died after a botched cosmetic surgery during an appearance on American television.

The 27-year-old, from Edinburgh, appeared on the popular US chat show Dr Phil to discuss “The Curse of the Lottery” alongside gambling experts and US lotto winners. The influencer won the jackpot at just 17 when she was working as an admin temp earning £8 an hour and living with her mum Linda in a council estate.

And since winning the money, Jane hasn’t shied away from sharing her surgeries and lifts with fans on social media. Speaking about her complications post-op, Jane told Dr Phil about her near death experience following a botched Brazilian bum lift on the show.

Dr Phil asked Jane: “You said you hated your body, so you wanted to fix that and you had some surgery that you wouldn’t have ever done if you didn’t win the money. How did that go?”

Jane replied: “They money made it a lot easier for me to decide, ‘well, I hate this about my body so I’m going to change it.’ And I had a procedure done in a different country and when I flew back I ended up with sepsis, which is like a blood poisoning, and I nearly died.

“I went into hospital for, like, a month.”

Dr Phil said: “If you get sepsis, it spreads fast because it’s in your blood, it’s travelling all around, so they put you on massive antibiotics, right?”

Nodding, Jane answered: “Yeah, it was like straight away. And I had to stay there for a while until they knew it was completely clear.”

Dr Phil then asked: “Was this cosmetic surgery?” Jane added: “Yeah, it was a Brazilian bum lift. It didn’t work the first time. I had it done again.”

As the camera showed some open-mouthed audience members, Dr Phil carried on: “Is there anything that you spent your money on that you do regret? Looking back, did you go, ‘Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that’?”

Standing firm, Jane replied: “No, I don’t regret any of the money that I’ve spent. My only regret would be going so public with the win.”

She added: “When I won it was a very quick turnover, it was massive. At the time it was kind of crazy, and it’s even crazier looking back.

“I splashed out a bit because I never knew the value of a million pounds, I never seen that kind of money, I never knew anyone with that kind of money so I kind of splashed a bit on stuff that I’ve always wanted.

“Then one of my aunts stepped in like “you should invest some now” buy some property and stop going on holiday.”

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